Futenma Daily Hazard

Back in Okinawa to promote release of ANPO. Returned to Futenma Air Station with NHK crew in tow. Visited the Futenma Elementary School for the first time. I had no idea that the elementary school playground, see photo, is directly below the flight path of the Marine pilot trainees. An accident waiting to happen indeed. Dear Mr. President, is this what you have in mind for how to educate child to believe in democratic values?

F-15s landing at Futenma now

Futenma Air Base on Okinawa is already treacherous enough to be dubbed “the most dangerous U.S. air base in the world” by former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsefeld. Now the Air Force is landing F-15 fighter jets on the small, overcrowded Futenma Air Station in anticipation of lots of fighter jets landing at Futenma in October because of runway repairs at Kadena. Read here...

ANPO opens in Tokyo and Yokohama

Today was the opening day of ANPO’s theatrical release throughout Japan. So far, the audience is a nice balance between curious young people who know almost nothing about the history of the national democratic uprising in 1960, against the U.S. military bases and an older generation, who actually participated. Regardless of their age, nearly everyone is stunned by the treasure trove of artwork featured in the film. Because so much of the artwork had been stored away in museum vaults, most Japanese have never seen these subversive, sometimes surrealistic masterpieces.

Only Washington can Resolve Futenma Dispute

An amazingly lucid, rational analysis of the current Futenma fracas from a very smart thoughtful American… I highly recommend reading this link to understand where this impasse stands

ANPO review

A terrific review from Tokyo Artbeat. ANPO opens on Saturday, 9/18 at Uplink theater in Shibuya, Tokyo.

first ANPO review from Toronto Film Fest

Chris McGee has written a lovely review of ANPO. I am delighted that he was compelled the essential nature of inquiry of the film.

ANPO screening at Toronto Film Festival

Last night was ANPO’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. More than 200 people attended the screening and seemed to really respond to the art. It was wonderful that the festival arranged for it to be screened on a very large screen and the art really came to life. The applause after the screening was sustained and genuine and the first question from an audience member was, “When will you be mounting an exhibition of the art itself? I can’t wait to see the paintings.” I only made the film because I encountered the amazing artwork so I’m thrilled that the audience responded accordingly. Linda in Toronto

Futenma/Post analysis

This persuasive piece provides fascinating insight into why the U.S. is so vociferous on Futenma.

Excerpt from John Dower’s new book

I had the privilege of interviewing John Dower yesterday for the educational DVD (2011 release) of my film ANPO. John had served as the historical advisor on my film and because I chose to tell the story of ANPO more as a collage than as a conventionally narrated “documentary”, his comments on the educational DVD will prove invaluable to both educators, students and the average viewer interested in exploring the history further. In the meantime, an excerpt from his long-awaited new book, Culture of War, is up. His prose, always brilliant, positively glows, animated by his simmering outrage.

Futenma through prism of Washington Rules

Check out the review of the latest book by Bacevich, a super smart ex-military professor analyzing the state of “permanent war” the U.S. has wound up trapped in. It’s gratifying to find a few brave souls willing to step up to the plate.