Thoughtful ANPO review

This lovely review of ANPO reveals a deep understanding of the film I set out to make.

Futenma focal point in Sunday’s elections

NPR coverage of the upcoming Okinawa’s governor’s elections on Sunday. Both candidates now oppose the “relocation” of Futenma Marine Corps air station to Henoko, where they would “reclaim” land, ie, landfill a tropical bay, home to an endangered species, to make way for Futenma aircraft and Touch and Go training.

Futenma-Honoring Chalmers Johnson

Chalmers Johnson, one of our great intellectuals, died last weekend. The always insightful John Fefffer, writes in honor of his memory and his analysis. All eyes on the Okinawan governor’s election, this weekend.

Latest on Futenma-related elections

This blog posting show how the plot is thickening in the upcoming gubernatorial election in Okinawa, slated for November 28th. According to this analysis, things could get very interesting indeed.

Latest on Futenma re upcoming elections

A fascinating article in today’s Asahi newspaper re backstory on Japanese government funding and the Futenma fiasco…

Thorough Futenma Backstory

This article by Marc Driscoll is long, but well worth the read. He analyzes that the main reason behind the “Futenma fracas” is that the central government of Japan has run out of funds with which to purchase the patience of Okinawans who bear the brunt of 18,000 Marine Corps “bad boy” behavior, sanctioned by the inherently unequal SOFA. I’ll be most curious to see how the two candidates – with Iha adamant there will be no new base at Henoko – fare in the Okinawa’s governor’s race on November 28th.

Futenma Plot Thickens

Apparently the current Governor of Okinawa, facing a still challenge in upcoming November elections has changed his tune, now indicating there are no site available to relocate Futenma on Okinawa. Read more.

ANPO NYC premiere

The DOC NYC film festival has invited ANPO: Art X War to have its NYC premiere on Saturday, November 6th at 2pm and Monday, November 8th at noon. You can purchase tickets here. The venue is the IFC Center theater, one of the best theaters in the country. Hope to see you there!

Iha on Futenma

The smart candidate for Governor of Okinawa speaks out, one month before (hopefully) his election. It may turn out that Japan’s real leader may emerge out of the “troubles” in Okinawa, not Tokyo…

Deeper Futenma Dilemma Exposed

NYTimes piece on Japanese deflation exposes fault lines in Japanese deflation, not only in economy but in spirit. Sad but true. ANPO helps to reveal the deeper sources of this malaise…